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Instruction of changing the password of the user

To change the password of the account perhaps next ways depending on the used device: directly on the personal computer, on the terminal server or via the web interface.

For authorization in a corporate network of group of companies Severstal with the new account needs to be changed the temporary password (appropriated at creation) to your personal password which will be used by you further at connection. To change the password at the first entrance perhaps directly to the personal computer or via the web interface.

For password changing  is necessary to know current password of your account. If this password is lost or forgotten you should apply to HelpDesk Severstal:

  • By e-mail:  with your contact info indication
  • By phone +7 (8202) 53−09−90

Recommendations about a password choice

The password has to correspond to a security policy and not contain Cyrillics symbols. Obligatory requirements:

  • use not less than 8 signs;
  • shouldn't coincide with 12 former passwords;
  • shouldn't contain a name of your account or a full name;
  • the password has to contain signs of three of four listed below categories:
    • Latin lower case letters (from A to Z);
    • Latin capital letters (from a to z);
    • of figure (0–9);
    • signs:! @ # $ % ^ & * — _ + = [] { } | \: ‘.? /' ~" <> ();

On the personal computer in a corporate network (KSPD)

1. Press at the same time the Ctrl+Alt+Delete .

2. Before you depending on an operating system there will be different dialogues. Press the button for changing of the password

Windows XP

Windows 7

3. Enter the current password, then the new password and in the field «Confirmation» again enter the new password. It is necessary to press the different buttons for completion of operation in different operating systems:

Windows XP

Windows 7

On the terminal server

The user who was successfully connected to the terminal server, has an opportunity independently to change the password to the domain account. For this purpose it is necessary during the work on the terminal server:

1.       To press at the same time on the Ctrl+Alt+End key keyboard 3

2.       In the opened window to select the Change a password item

3.       If for terminal server entrance has been used login and password, further will be opened window for password changing.

In the first line will be indicated login of current user.

In the rest lines you should enter old (current) password, new password in the field «Confirm password» then enter password again.

After filling the rest of the fields click to the arrow. There appears informational message about password changing or error message with additional info.

4.       In case of using token for terminal user entrance (smart card), after clicking «Change password» button will be sent message «Smart card error. The card supplied requires drivers that are not present on this system. Please try another card».

To proceed password changing, push «Other Credentials» button, after that click the icon with your login.

Further will be opened password changing window (I3 of this section).

If difficulties arise, we are recommended to change the password via the web-based interface (see below).

5.       The user who never entered in the domain or period of the password in the account is ended, at connection to the terminal server there can be a mistake «To your computer it isn't possible to be connected to the remote computer as period of validity of your password expired or it is necessary to change the password ….»

«The System could not log you on. Your password has expired and must be changed»

In this case it is necessary to change the password via the web interface.

Via the web interface

Via the web interface change of the password is available to users of all domains of Severstal group of companies irrespective of the user (user has or has not  a personal mailbox)

1.       For change of the password it is necessary to follow in the Internet browser the link and to enter your registration these (domain\username) and the password, for example, severstal\ii.ivanov:

2.       After successful input of the new password to press «Submit».

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